How Bamboo Became Hydroponics On Mikes Home Grown Farm

I want to give every one an idea how I was turned on to hydroponics as a way to grow my farm here at Mikes Home Grown Farm.

I had been working in the motorcycle industry for about ten years when the bottom fell out. I was sitting at home with no job and going through the motions of loosing my house. I told myself that I was not going to give up and just let what I had worked so hard for to be taken from me when it was not my fault. So here I have this one acre lot with a house on it full of pine trees.

Well you can only imagine all the crazy ideas that popped into my head but most of them would not solve my problems for the long haul. Then it came to me I was going to start growing bamboo on my property and this would save the day. I will tell you all about that at a latter time but for now the plan was to cut down all the pine trees and plant bamboo.

I have the bamboo started and all we have to do now is wait for it too grow. Well this was a good plan but I found out it takes at least five years for bamboo to reach machurity. This brought me to a new plan of growing my own vegetables to cut down on the coast of eating healthy foods.

This started many hours of research on the web for me. I wanted to come up with a way I could take this one acre of land that I have and grow as much as I could but with little or no coast to do so. My first thought was to plant every thing in containers all over the property. The reason I wanted to use containers was because I live in Florida. You probably wonder what the big deal is living in Florida and growing vegetables right. Well the fact is we get some heavy rains here and one storm could wipe out an entire crop with one cloud burst. I have seen this happen here on the farms that I drive by every day coming home.  

Well as the bamboo kept growing I was looking for different types of containers to use for my growing beds. This is where it started to get weird. The web kept taking me to sights that talked about something called hydroponics. Well I became hooked on some of the information they had and so it began the birth of hydroponics for my way to grow my vegetables here at this point and time in the garden.